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Capitulos de las chicas superpoderosas Z

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Escrito 29 agosto 2008 - 16:03

Capitulo 01: Girls, are here/Girls, the birth
Capitulo 02: Gentle Bubbles!
Capitulo 03: Girls assembled!
Capitulo 04: Girls, the bond of family!
Capitulo 05: Mojo's Revenge Mojo/Observation Tower Crash
Capitulo 06: Fuzzy Lumpkins!/Himeko the Princess
Capitulo 07: Make it come true! Momoko's love/The most heinous trio! Amoeba Boys!
Capitulo 08: Charming Maiden Sedusa
Capitulo 09: Coach Kaoru's Special Training Soccer!/ Fuzzy in love!
Capitulo 10: Charisma Beautician Monster
Capitulo 11: Princess Goes Outer Space!/Chase The Cake-thief!
Capitulo 12: Bubble of First Love
Capitulo 13: Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo!/Revenge of the Camera Monster!
Capitulo 14: Gangreen Gang!
Capitulo 15: The Targeted Fashion Show!/Man of Honor! Ramen Monster!
Capitulo 16: Woe! Secrets of the Princess!
Capitulo 17: Don’t Miss the Photo-Op!/Brotherly Love! Electric Wave Monster
Capitulo 18: Monster Tag Team Battle
Capitulo 19: Lamenting Piano Lesson!/All Mighty! Ms. Keane
Capitulo 20: Rowdyruff Boys!
Capitulo 21: Rubber Duckie Monster!/Escape of the Hated Veggies!
Capitulo 22: Him, the Ultimate Evil!
Capitulo 23: Love Tale of the Kabuki Monster!/Who is the King of Insects!
Capitulo 24: Ken's Search for New Buddies
Capitulo 25: Prankster Stationery!/Roses, Noses, & Hannah!
Capitulo 26: Save Santa!
Capitulo 27: Make'em & Eat'em! Sushi Monster!/Peach and Sapphire!
Capitulo 28: Ladies Tag Team Battle
Capitulo 29: Let's Go to the Dentist!/Saturday Powerpuff Fever!
Capitulo 30: Girlz and Him!
Capitulo 31: Funta's Rolling Spirit/Sedusa's Love Game!
Capitulo 32: Hooked on Momoko!
Capitulo 33: Momoko's Leaving Home!/Keane's Pity, Mojo's Piety!
Capitulo 34: The House Where Ghosts Live!?
Capitulo 35: We're Not Just Weeds!/Compassion Law for Monsters!
Capitulo 36: Girlz Break Up!?
Capitulo 37: Manga Monsters Jump to Life!/Girlz' Leave of Absence!
Capitulo 38: We Are the Torimakees!
Capitulo 39: Little Ken's Big Wish!/Girlz in Quarantine!
Capitulo 40: Girlz, TV, and a Big Present!?
Capitulo 41: Demashita! Shirogane Z/Girlz Interchange!
Capitulo 42: Powerpuff Rowdy Boys!
Capitulo 43: Rescue the Kidnapped Scientists!/Liar Momoko's Disaster!
Capitulo 44: Kaoru likes big biceps!
Capitulo 45: Momoko and the Frog Prince!/The day Sedusa disappears?!
Capitulo 46: Hopeless?! Girlz vs Him
Capitulo 47: A trip is all about your companion, Mojo and Keane!/Suddenly appearing! Powerpuff Kids!
Capitulo 48: Shabon Freedom Miracle
Capitulo 49: Killer move!? Love Love Beam!/Mojo's Nurse Day
Capitulo 50: Defeat the Girlz Alliance!
Capitulo 51: Girlz Crossing Time
Capitulo 52: Girlz, the last battle!

creo que estan en ingles, en fin este fue el peor copypaste que hice en mi viida XD
creo que desde aqui no pueden acceder al link de descargas asi que les dejo la fuente


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