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[RUMOR] La Nueva Playstation con nombre en clave ORBIS para Q4 2013. Pachter y otros opinan.

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The Next PlayStation is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here are the Details.
While the official reveal of Sony's next home console could still be months away, if not longer, Kotaku has today learned some important details concerning the PlayStation 3's successor.

For one, the console's name—or at least its codename/working title—is apparently Orbis. And it's being planned for release in time for the 2013 holiday season.

The details in this story come from a reliable source who is not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information with us before. What they're telling us in specifics matches much of what we've heard and reported in generalities in recent weeks.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment about these details, citing the company's policy not to comment on "rumors or speculation."


Orbis. Say it out loud. Sounds a little like the word "four", doesn't it? Only it doesn't make the next PlayStation sound like a bad horror movie sequel.

It's also a name loaded with meaning. The word "Orbis" itself, from Latin, means circle, or ring, or even orbit. Not terribly helpful. Combine it with the name of Sony's new handheld system, though, and you have the common term Orbis Vita (or, in strict Latin, Orbis Vitae). Which means "The circle of life". Could the Vita be playing a very important role in the development and use of the next PlayStation home console? Maybe!

Such symbolism also suggests that rather than being a codename, like most companies employ when still developing a console (think NGP, or Durango), this might actually be the machine's final name. We don't know that, though, so keep an open mind about things.

Full size
Type in and you arrive at Sony's portal for Vita developers. Same with, referencing the former codename for the Vita. The PS4 version of that address gets you nowhere. PS3 does, as does, though not to any Orbis-specific portions of the site.

Is called, or at least carries the working codename, "Orbis".
Is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release.
Won't be backwards compatible with PS3 games.
Will lock new games to a PSN account as an anti-used games measure.
New games can be bought either on Blu-Ray or downloaded.
Current specs are an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU

Our main source supplied some basic specs for the console, but as the future is always in motion, bear in mind these could easily change between now and the Orbis' retail release. Still, if you'd like to know what developers are being told to plan for now, here you go.

AMD Southern Islands GPU
The former, that's largely something we've heard before, but the latter is interesting. That's the name given to many of AMD's 2012 roster of high-end PC cards. The PS4's GPU in particular, we're told, will be capable of displaying Orbis games at a resolution of up to 4096x2160, which is far in excess of the needs of most current HDTV sets. It'll also be capable of playing 3D games in 1080p (the PS3 could only safely manage 3D at 720p).


Our main source tell us that "select developers" have been receiving dev kits for the new console since the beginning of this year. Revised and improved versions of these kits were sent out around GDC, while more finalised beta units will be shipped to developers towards the end of 2012.

That should hopefully give developers plenty of time to have launch games ready for the Orbis' retail release, which will be in time for the 2013 holiday season. If you can remember the PS3 launch—it's OK if you can't, it was a while ago—that too was in time for the holiday shopping season (November 2006 for Japan and North America).


Remember how the PlayStation 3 swiftly dropped the ability to play PS2 games? Well, our main source tell us the Orbis won't even bother, and that Sony has no plans to offer backwards compatibility for its existing catalogue of PS3 games.


BACK IN DECEMBER... A post left on Pastebin back in December also referred to the PlayStation 4 as Orbis, calling it a codename in the same vein as Microsoft's Durango. The system specs in that post differ significantly from what Kotaku has heard, and the lack of a hard drive by default goes against the idea of downloading full games to the system.

The Pastebin post also mentions that big name developers like EA were disappointed by an Orbis much less powerful than Microsoft's next machine, so there's a chance that it's the story of an earlier prototype that didn't make the grade. We've reached out to EA for comment.

Just like the next Xbox/Durango, we've heard from multiple sources that the Orbis will likewise have some kind of anti-used games measures built into the console. Here's how our main source says it's currently shaping up: new games for the system will be available one of two ways, either on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download (yes, even full retail titles). If you buy the disc, it must be locked to a single PSN account, after which you can play the game, save the whole thing to your HDD, or peg it as "downloaded" in your account history and be free to download it at a later date.

Don't think you can simply buy the disc and stay offline, though; like many PC games these days, you'll need to have a PSN account and be online to even get the thing started.

If you then decide to trade that disc in, the pre-owned customer picking it up will be limited in what they can do. While our sources were unclear on how exactly the pre-owned customer side of things would work, it's believed used games will be limited to a trial mode or some other form of content restriction, with consumers having to pay a fee to unlock/register the full game.

This would allow used games to continue to be sold at outlets such as GameStop, while also appeasing major publishers who would no longer have to implement their own haphazard approaches to "online passes".


That's all we've got for you at the moment. Remember, none of this information is confirmed, and even the information that is locked down in March 2012 may change before the console's eventual release. This is just what we've been told Sony is working on and planning for as of today. That being the case, how do you think it's shaping up?


* Nombre en clave ORBIS.
* Se especula que saldrá en navidades del 2013.
* No será compatible con juegos de PS3.
*Los juegos estarán vinculados a cada consola. No se permitirán juegos de segunda mano, alquiler o prestados.
* Los juegos se podrán comprar en Blu-ray o descarga digital.
* Especificaciones técnicas: Current specs are an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU




Pachter: Blocking used games isn’t in Sony’s best interests
Following rumours that Sony’s next console will block used games, industry analyst Michael Pachter has warned this could have dire repercussions for the platform.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst told GamesIndustry there are several reasons to doubt that Sony would make usch a decision.

“It isn’t really in Sony’s or Microsoft’s best interests to block used games,” he said.

“It would benefit Activision and EA slightly, and would hurt GameStop a great deal. If Sony unilaterally did this, I could see GameStop refusing to carry their console, and sales of the PS4 would therefore suffer.”

Pachter also noted that Microsoft and Nintendo would have to be onboard the scheme too.

“If one does it and the others don’t, the one who does it will see a loss of market share,” he said.

In typically entertaining Pachter style, he expressed his doubts that any of the three companies “are stupid enough to do this unilaterally” or “evil enough to do it together”.

Other analysts echoed Pachter’s sentiments that the used game market is under threat just yet.

Kotaku broke a rumour today that the next PlayStation is in development under the name Orbis.


Pachter comenta a GamesIndustry que ni a $ony ni a M$ les interesa bloquear el mercado de segunda mano, porque Gamestop podría rechazar el vender Orbis/Durango y sus juegos, con todo lo que ello conlleva.

David Cole también está de acuerdo en que $ony y M$ serían tontos si bloquean el mercado de segunda mano, ya que gran parte del mercado "hardcore" se iría al garete.

También Lewis Ward comenta en la parte final del artículo que aunque se llegara a llevar a cabo, la piratería se encargaría de saltarse esas protecciones.

PD: Me cago en M4.


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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:14

La disfrutarán mis bisnietos o tataranietos, qué suerte :(
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Edita el título, que entonces me parece que no la vamos a oler ninguno.

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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:18

Juegos en formato físico, que se vinculan a cada consola...

Si esto fuera cierto, seríamos muchos los piratones...
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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:18

Si vamos, dando especificaciones tecnicas y todo, no se lo cree ni el que ha publicado la noticia.

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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:19

agh no me gusto mucho lo de los juegos vinculados y que no sea compatible con los juegos de ps3 ugh


Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:20

Won't be backwards compatible with PS3 games.

solo dire una cosa

como esto sea cierto ps4 se va esperar a entrar a mi casa mucho, mucho tiempo

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no somo nadie XD

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* No será compatible con juegos de PS3.
*Los juegos estarán vinculados a cada consola. No se permitirán juegos de segunda mano, alquiler o prestados.


Si eso es cierto, se la pueden meter por donde les quepa.

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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:23

No sé por qué os sorprende que no sea retro con la anterior consola, si ni PS3 ni PSV lo son. Era de esperar que fuera así.



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Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:23

Won't be backwards compatible with PS3 games.

solo dire una cosa

como esto sea cierto ps4 se va esperar a entrar a mi casa mucho, mucho tiempo

No me extrañaría nada, viendo lo bien que funcionan los HD collections. Y lo mismo harán en la próxima xbox. De todas formas, no es más que un rumor.


Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:26

*Los juegos estarán vinculados a cada consola. No se permitirán juegos de segunda mano, alquiler o prestados.

un momento, que esto se me habia pasado

cambio lo que dije antes

si este rumor se confirma se pueden meter la ps4 por la punta del rabo


Escrito 28 marzo 2012 - 17:28

Bueno, al menos tendré una excusa para no dejar los juegos cuando me los pidan prestados XD

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Rumore Rumore sin fundamento.


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